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Our Story

Officially assembled in early 2013, Like Mind Protocol is a progressive, instrumental rock group, from the Monterey Bay area, with Fusion, Funk, Metal, and Blues influences. Band members have performed in various Prog Rock, Metal, Hip Hop, and Reggae acts, spanning the past three decades. Like Mind’s original music is eclectic, melodic, and groove oriented.

The backbone of the rhythm section is drummer, Chris Thomas. He established himself as an accomplished musician at a very young age, playing in high school Jazz bands. Chris is best known for his work with In Balance from Monterey and Serendipity Project from Santa Cruz. His love for Funk brings the groove element to Like Mind Protocol.

Bassist, Robert Melendez, is best known for his work with Cardiff Reefers, a Reggae rock band from San Diego, as well as his current group, Militia of Love. As a songwriter with a degree in Music, Robert brings depth and cohesion to the project.

Guitarist, Josh Thomas, was raised in a musical family. His Metal influences, along with a study of Jazz, result in a wonderful melodic approach to his playing. Also an accomplished songwriter, he is best known for his work with Asyst from Watsonville.

Baron Sumter, guitarist and band leader, comes from early Metal and Prog Rock influences, having played in multiple Metal projects throughout the 90s. After a 10 year hiatus from music, he returned to practicing and writing in the mid 2000s. Now he has found the pieces to complete the ultimate band vision: Like Mind Protocol.